What is Montessori approach?

Unlike traditional approach to schooling, Montessori class rooms are centered around the child. Teachers provide a prepared environment enabling children to learn at their own pace. Montessori education emphasizes self discipline, logical thinking, order and leadership skills in children.

Principles of Montessori approach:

  • Concrete materials in a Montessori class room enable children to learn with their senses.
  • Each child has his/her own individual lesson plan. The teacher will prepare the lesson plan according to the needs of each unique child.
  •  Problem solving and logical thinking skills are built into Montessori materials.
  • In a Montessori classroom children learn concepts not through mere memorization, but through engaging and immersive hands on activities.

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. STEAM is an extension of STEM where arts is integrated into the curriculum.

Principles of STEAM:

  • Creativity  and innovation are the vital skills students learn in a STEM based educational model.
  • Hands on learning is emphasized on a STEM classroom.
  • Strives to build crucial like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Teaches children ask questions, innovate and create new ideas from what they learn.

Montessori & STEAM Curriculum at SMA:

The concepts  on STEM education like creativity, problem solving skills, innovation, team work and leadership are close to the principles of Montessori method. At Stellar Montessori Academy we work on building a curriculum that prepares our children to succeed in the 21st century world.