Periodically we offer STEAM workshops and camps for students 3 – 11 years.

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 Here are some of the fun science experiments and activities  in our camps.

 Making an electromagnet


Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Our students made snow flakes and waited anxiously for the crystals to form!

Its time to check out our crystals

Balloon Glitter Artwork

We made a bowl with balloon and glitter. Our students are anxious to pop their balloons.


Making A Lava Lamp

Our students made lava lamps and observed them with flash lights.

Invisible Ink:


Invisible Ink: we had a secret message written in baking soda solution. Another student could read it by rubbing with cabbage juice!


Cabbage juice : Our secret message reading solution

Tornado In A Bottle:

Our students made their own tornadoes and we learnt about how they are formed. we discussed the red spot on planet Jupiter.