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Stellar Montessori Academy (16)

Stellar Montessori academy is a STEAM based Montessori school. We cater for children 2 – 6 years old. We integrate STEAM based lessons and activities with Montessori curriculum. Our students benefit from the Montessori method of learning along with STEAM based learning. Our basic goal is teach our students the curriculum  based on the Common Core for their grade level, but at Stellar Montessori Academy we go beyond.

STEAM in a Montessori School?

We integrate STEAM instilled concepts into our program. Our children spend part of the day working on language lessons like phonics, word building, reading and writing. They also work on basic math skills, such as recognizing numbers, counting, addition and more. They work on geography using Montessori materials, such as continent maps, and international flags. The students at SMA work on engineering, science, and technology projects. They explore, ask questions and learn new concepts every day.

Highlights of our school

  1. We strive to provide an environment for children to grow academically, socially and emotionally.
  2. Our program that lays a foundation for a lifetime of passionate learning.
  3. We emphasize on STEAM based curriculum.
  4. Our students can choose between Mandarin and Spanish language classes.
  5. We offer weekly music classes for our students.
  6. Our Robotics and engineering enrichment programs are designed specifically for early childhood classroom. Students will learn fundamental concepts of robotics and engineering.
  7. Individual lesson plans.
  8. We have a very low teacher to student ratio.
  9. We foster team work and leadership skills in our students.

Enrichment Programs for Grades K – 5:

We also organize science enrichment classes for students in grades K-5,  hosting camps for these elementary students during winter and summer breaks.