Stellar Montessori Academy


SMA is a STEAM Based Montessori School

At Stellar Montessori Academy, our students spend part of the day working on language lessons like phonics, word building, reading, and writing. They also work on basic math skills, such as recognizing numbers, counting, addition, and more. They work on geography using Montessori materials, such as continent maps, and international flags. Apart from the regular curriculum students at SMA also work on engineering, science, and technology projects. They explore, ask questions and learn new concepts every day.

Our curriculum includes music and yoga. Students can also choose between Mandarin and Spanish language classes. We also have a cooking project at the end of each unit study. Finally, music is integrated into our curriculum.

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Montessori & STEAM

Unlike traditional approach to schooling, Montessori class rooms are centered around the child.


Early Childhood

Our Early Childhood Montessori program is ideal for students who are between the ages of 3 to 6 years old. 


Montessori Prep

Our Montessori Prep program is ideal for students who are between the ages of 2 to 3 years old. 


Our Philosphy

We believe in teaching our students the skills to become lifelong learners. We not only work with them to be successful in their school years, but also achieve success in life.

The concepts of STEAM and Montessori will help our students succeed, no matter which career they choose in the future.

We teach our children leadership skills and teamwork by providing activities requiring group work. We encourage them to respectfully disagree with their peers or teachers and work together to build new and superior ideas.


Parent Review

"My daughter began her first school experience here at SMA. Her progress is remarkable and all credit goes to Ms.Deepika for going the extra mile in ensuring that the kids learn at their own pace yet in a very consistent manner. She is extremely friendly and the syllabus she creates for the kids are always a step ahead.She always takes a very personalized approach in understanding what interests the kid and combines learning and fun that makes the kids look forward to go to school every day. The small hands-on projects she creates are always my favorites and i'm not very surprised that my daughter talks hours together on being a doctor,the importance of skull , muscles bones, etc at 3. Its always a pleasure for a parent when the kids surprises them each single growing day and mine always comes back home with a basket of surprises. Thanks a lot, Ms.Deepika for your passion towards teaching!" (Facebook Review)

Member, American Montessori Society