SMA is a STEAM based Montessori school

  • Our curriculum also includes music and yoga. Students can choose between Mandarin and Spanish language classes.
  • Our students spend part of the day working on language lessons like phonics, word building, reading and writing. They also work on basic math skills, such as recognizing numbers, counting, addition and more. They work on geography using Montessori materials, such as continent maps, and international flags. Apart from the regular curriculum students at SMA also work on engineering, science, and technology projects. They explore, ask questions and learn new concepts every day.
  • We believe in teaching our students the skills to become life long learners. We not only work with them to be successful in their school years, but also achieve success in life.
  • The concepts of STEAM and Montessori will help our students succeed, no matter which career they choose in future.
  • We teach our children leadership skills and teamwork by providing activities requiring group work. We encourage them to respectfully disagree with their peers or teachers and work together to build new and superior ideas.
  • We have a cooking project at the end of each unit study.
  • Music is integrated into our curriculum.