Crazy Chemistry Camp From Feb 19th to Feb 23rd

Children learn concepts when they are able to observe and get involved in the activities rather than abstract learning. We provide our students all the tools and support to perform the experiments and understand the concepts behind them. Our aim is to ignite the inquisitiveness that children posses so naturally and leave our camp with a passion to learn more.

 The following are the topics for each day of the week

Monday – Feb 19th : Magic Balloons
Tuesday – Feb 20th : Lava Lamp
Wednesday – Feb 21st : Make A Crystal Snow Flake
Thursday – Feb 22nd : Invisible Ink
Friday Feb 23rd : Tornado in a Bottle

Here are the tuition & schedule details:

Ages : 3 years to 7 years.

After Care available from 12.00 pm – 6.00 pm.

Tuition: $125/week
Aftercare: $100/week
Students bring their own lunch. Snack will be provided.

Online Registration:
Registration crazy-chemistry-camp

For more  information please send us an email to  or call us at 425-445-4428.