Montessori Preschool Program:

( 2.5 years – 6 years old)

Dr. Montessori believed that children are naturally brilliant and perfect. When children are provided with an enriching environment and support they will unravel the joy of learning. We at SMA provide all the materials and guidance to children at our school, so that they can learn in a fun and nurturing environment.

Our class rooms are divided into the following areas:

Practical life:

Practical life exercises help children improve their concentration, coordination, order and independence. They prepare children for reading, writing and arithmetic. Children work on improving motor coordination, gross motor and fine motor skills.


Sensorial materials help children to order and sequence the abstractions that they form by interacting with the environment. These materials prepare children for an intellectual life. By refining the senses they help children develop cognitive skills such as thinking, judging, associating and comparing. This help’s children develop a mathematical mind.


Language sequence teaches children to read and write in a step by step process. Children first learn the sounds of the letters, then blend the sounds together to build words. They are then introduced to non phonetic words and finally grammar.


Children at SMA learn math with concrete materials first before moving on to working on abstract material. This is a great way to teach math to young children. They will grasp the fundamentals thoroughly.


Children are naturally inquisitive to learn the world around them. Science satisfies the natural curiosity of children. We have a strong science based curriculum that will help children develop an inquisitive mind. They will learn concepts, observe and record activities.


Children learn the geography of the world including the maps of the continents. they will also learn about the cultures of the world. Diversity is celebrated in SMA and we learn and celebrate different cultures of the world.

Enrichment Programs:

Our Robotics and engineering enrichment programs are designed specifically for early childhood classroom. They are included in the curriculum.