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Preschool education & its importance

preschool program  provides stimulating environment for  intellectual, language, social, emotional and physical development of young children. The preschool  curriculum  prepares the children  for the future learning and also  focuses on holistic development. It helps in laying foundation for the early development of reading, writing, and math. This curriculum indirectly promotes independence and self control  ultimately leading to  inner discipline in children.
Some of the activities in Montessori preschool curriculum  are

  • Outdoor activities which enhances muscle coordination, socialization.
  • Practical life activities  helps in fine muscle and eye hand coordination. sand provides rich tactile sensory experiences  by  enhancing children’s imagination and co-operative skills.
  • Art helps concept formation like color, size, shape, texture , consistency and also improves child’s imagination.
  • Story time is fun for children. It helps as a play therapy through role play. It lays foundation for future reading habits
  • Music and singing helps children to express themselves through body movements in response to music and words. It helps in improving vocabulary and self expression.
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